Funny A Restaurant in New Hampshire Bans Politicians LOL

New Hampshire restaurant bans politicians (via AFP)

Cheeseburger and fries, hold the politicians. With Republican presidential hopefuls blitzing New Hampshire ahead of its critical January 10 primary, one small eatery in coastal Portsmouth has had it with gladhanding campaigners disrupting diners. So the hand-drawn, red-white-and-blue sign on the door… [Read more...]

Student Loan Forgiveness For Teachers

Student Loan Forgiveness For Teachers – How Does It Work?

By Stephen Bis

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Credit Card Debt Soars As Does Student Loan Debt Find Relief For Both Today

Credit Card Debt Decreases, But Cards Still Used Widely (via

Consumers throughout the nation appear to be bettering their payment habits for credit cards, and in turn, improving their credit scores, as a report by Demos indicates average credit card debt dropped in the first few months of 2012 compared to the last report conducted in 2008. According to the…

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Portuguese banks borrow record amount from ECB

Portuguese banks borrow record amount from ECB (via AFP)

Banks in bailed-out Portugal borrowed a record amount from the European Central Bank in March, against a backdrop of rising debt in a sharply slowing economy, official data showed on Monday. The banks’ ECB borrowings jumped to 56.3 billion euros ($73 billion) last month from 47.5 billion euros at end…

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